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Posted by australiantattooistsguild on August 14, 2013 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

After consultation with the Australian Insurance Council, we have been recommended the following group and website to find a broker who can help you in your area. - search for specific brokers in your area to come up with the insurance you need. Put in your postcode, check 'Commercial Business', 'Professional Risks' and 'Public Liability' in the column under and it should come up with a broker that can help you. We will still be attempting to come up with a specific package for ATG members, that will be a little while off yet, so this should help in the meantime.



Posted by australiantattooistsguild on June 2, 2013 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

As a result of some more recent acts of mindless violence attributed to OMC clubs in Sydney and the Gold Coast, the prospects for finding insurance for tattoo studios and artists are becoming very thin. We're in the process of talking with underwriters about the problem and how we can look at changing it.

At present we are aware that the company Parmia do insure tattooists and body piercers, but they have quite a strict regime under which to scrutinize the applicants. They consider the following risks UNACCEPTABLE:

1. Any Criminal Conviction

2. Risks in the Greater Sydney Area and Gold Coast Area

3. Where the operator's or tattooists license has been revoked or denied in NSW

4. Business established for less than 12 months

Here is a link to their product:

We hope to achieve some progress on this matter as it's really treating all tattooists as potential criminals and second class citizens, and is completely ignorant of most of the professional conduct of the majority of tattooers in Australia. 


Posted by australiantattooistsguild on June 2, 2013 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Last month, Ray Stevens MP - member for Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast - made a proposition to the Qld State Parliament to look at legislation that would require EVERY SINGLE PERSON getting a tattoo in Queensland to be put on a register with Queensland Health. Ironically the reason given was to stop the laundering of money through tattoo studios by OMC's, so why the health department we have no idea. What we do know though, is this is a serious threat to civil liberties for tattooed people, and the likelihood of increased operating costs for tattoo studio owners is almost definite.

A letter was sent to the MP asking for further delineation of the proposed act, and as of today we have still not recieved any reply, which is not unexpected.  Below is a copy of that email: 


Mr Stevens,


this is Josh Roelink from the Australian Tattooists Guild, an organisation representing the rights of tattoo artists and studios Australia-wide. We have recently read your proposal to have the QLD Department of Health hold a register of individuals being tattooed anywhere in Queensland in order to stop OMC money laundering. We have a few concerns about this proposal and ask for clarification of your proposal with the following questions:


1. Who exactly would be responsible for collecting and storing the data from clients - the tattoo studio/artist, or a government official?

2. In the circumstance of the artist and studio collecting the data, who would be responsible for transferring the data to the registrar?

3. Under which department would the information be stored and examined?

4. Which government departments would have access to this information? (we're presuming you're thinking Austrac or the ACC, but what about QPS personnel or special task force officers?)

5. How will the infrastructure for this new endeavour be funded? (in particular, will the burden be placed on the tattoo studio or artist?)

6. Where exactly did you get the evidence to suggest that tattoo studios were being used for money laundering by OMCs?

7. What percentage of tattoo studios are suggested to be used as money laundering mules for the OMCs, and where did this information come from?

8. What sort of procedure would be put in place to protect the privacy of the individuals information?


I understand your desire to rid your local area of the violence and crime - suggested by some as coming from OMCs - but we feel like this might be a very extreme act with serious civil liberty violations, as expressed recently by the spokesman for the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, Terry O'Gorman.


We would appreciate a response to this letter and our questions in a timely manner,




Josh Roelink



There is now a website that looks at political procedure for protecting the rights of tattooed individuals in particular in relation to this proposal - we RECOMMEND everyone go and take 15 minutes to do what it takes to help stop this ridiculous idea from going through. PLEASE DO THIS - IF WE DON'T ACT AS INDIVIDUALS ON THIS, WE HAVE NO COMBINED POLITICAL POWER.


Posted by australiantattooistsguild on February 23, 2013 at 5:10 AM Comments comments (0)

A lot of tattooists have emailed us with the impression that we are about to embark on a legal battle with the NSW government about the new tattoo licensing laws. We're not in a position to do this, and these are the reasons why: 

Firstly, after discussion with a Professor of Education who has worked with a lot of industries and their eventual standardisation, we realised that in order to make a concerted effort at changing any legislation at all, we would need to be in a postition where we have a vast amount of financial resources behind us, as well as having a working organisation that stood up to scrutiny in both the legal and media forums. 

Secondly, as a professional organisation we are only just beginning. We are not even one year old yet, and so we feel that we need to 'choose our battles' so to speak - and concentrate on making the Guild a strong, united, and efficient organisation before we start looking at seeking any law amendments. The regulations under which we all work are of great importance to us, and we do believe there are concerns with the new NSW legislation - in particular the operator's license not being connected with NSW Health inspected premises - however we feel it best to approach this through the NSW Health Department itself, and through utilising our local members of parliament until we have the resources to employ our own lobbyists and legal team.

Ultimately we will be seeking a National Standard for tattooing through the federal government, which should take care of any interstate differences, and allow all professional tattooists to work in any state without having to seek separate licenses. This may take years, and a lot of time and money but we believe it's the only way to truly protect our industry from exploitation of outside interests wanting to 'milk' an unregulated industry.

We understand the fears and frustration of many of you, and we do want to help, we just need to make sure that this is not the (first and) last battle that the Guild undertakes.


Posted by australiantattooistsguild on February 23, 2013 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

If you go to our online calendar, you will find the details about an open forum and Q&A about the new NSW tattoo license and skin penetration legislation. This will be hosted by the Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo at the Hall of Industries, Moore Park at around 1pm.

Go and make yourself heard and let us know what you're concerned about, as well as get the right information about the new tattoo license and skin penetration guidelines (there's a lot of mis-information going around out there!). 


Posted by australiantattooistsguild on February 23, 2013 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

The website calendar is now open for events related to tattooing, Australia-wide. If you have an event that you think our members would be interested in knowing about, please email us at: and we'll add it to the calendar. Exhibitions, conventions, gatherings, etc - email us your info and we'll put it up here.


Posted by australiantattooistsguild on February 23, 2013 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

So we've got this website up and running in a ridiculous short period of time, and obviously we still have a lot of work to do to get it up to full steam.

As you can see, there is still no information about how to become a member of the guild - why??

Because we are still sorting out the logistics and the membership criteria. As the ATG will be responsible for helping to maintain a certain standard amongst it's members, obviously there will be certain criteria that every tattoooist who wants to join will have to pass in order to become a member. 

We want every member - at the very LEAST - to have formal training in cross-contamination procedure. The problem with this, though, is that there is currently no tattoo-specific cross contamination courses run in Australia. So, we're doing our homework and getting the contacts for current cross-contamination courses that comply with the Australian Standard - for every state.

At some point we hope to have Guild representatives conduct these courses and have the course approved by the appropriate health authorities, so that's goal number one. In order for the Guild to be credible in the eyes of the media and the government, we MUST do this - to show that we are serious as professionals about looking after our clients, and that the ATG is a credible organisation that is dedicated to maintaining high standards. Without this credibility, any liaison with authorities will have little to no effect.

So over the next month we'll be posting information about how to get accredited in cross-contamination procedure in your state. If you already have acreditation within one of the approved courses within the last twelve months, you'll be elegible for probationary membership upon presentation of the appropriate certification.